Projects – 2017

Lawyers Without Borders Canada

The project Justice, Prevention and Reconciliation for Women, Minors and Others Affected by the Crisis in Mali (JUPREC) was created to provide access to justice for victims of the crisis and to ensure that their rights are respected.

During the mission, workshops and group training sessions were held to develop the capacities of justice actors and organizations of civil society to advocate in favour of laws pertaining to legal representation and the handling of victims, focusing more specifically on reviewing the law pertaining to legal aid and the bill on gender-based violence.

Louis Moubarak, the mission head, with the assistance of the organization Lawyers Without Borders Canada, was to assess communications needs and strengthen the capacity of legal players to advocate for better laws.

The mission’s workshops provided representatives of civil society organizations and the JUPREC project with the tools required for effective advocacy and the monitoring of its effectiveness.

Assane Badji
Association des apiculteurs du Sénégal (the beekeepers’ association of Senegal)

The mission head, Assane Badji, travelled to Senegal with the Association des apiculteurs du Sénégal to help organize the Casamance honey festival at the Ziguinchor chamber of commerce.

The goal of the mission was to promote organic beekeeping as a promising avenue for the area’s sustainable development, to provide a space for the sharing of best practices among beekeepers, and to offer training workshops on adaptation issues facing beekeepers in a time of climate change.

The event had three objectives: to promote honey products with local residents; to establish and promote networking among local and international beekeepers; and to raise awareness among young people in schools of climate change issues and their impact on pollinators. The mission also served to raise participants’ awareness of male-female equality issues, among others.

Patricia Castro
Oxfam-Québec, Montréal
FEDEMUCC, Columbia

The Federación de Mujeres Campesinas de Cundinamarca (FEDEMUCC) is an organization comprising 23 associations of women entrepreneurs in rural environments who would like to strengthen their leadership capacities and increase their influence on decision-makers to promote the emergence and implementation of new municipal public policies that are better adapted to their social and economic reality.

Patricia Castro, our mission head, worked with the women for a month in cooperation with our partner, OXFAM, to develop the public relations capacities of the FEDEMUCC. She organized a number of meetings with the leaders of the group; attended, as an observer, one of the meetings of FEDEMUCC representatives, with the ministerial secretary for women and equality between the sexes of the Department of the Cundinamarca; and, lastly, gave a workshop in “public relations, internal communications and advocacy” to local coordinators of the FEDEMUCC.

John Ludwick
Equitas Community Leaders, Montreal
Techo, Colombia

The mission head, John Ludwick, travelled to Bogota to support an Equitas project by giving seminars aimed at strengthening the communications/advocacy capacities of two different publics: Techo Colombia, an international NGO whose mission is to eradicate poverty in marginalized communities, and with the leaders of those communities.

The intervention took the form of two two-day seminars aimed at developing communications tools and techniques to allow both groups to better promote their work and gain greater recognition for their interventions in the field with Colombian stakeholders.