Projects – 2018

Cuso International, Cameroon

The mission head, Malika Noubissié, travelled to Edea in Cameroon with Cuso International to strengthen the written and internal communications capacities of Cam-Eco. She was responsible for establishing communications techniques that would allow them to write articles and produce pamphlets/mini brochures, and for reviewing the internal structure of the organization to identify the real issues within the team.

The organization Cam-Eco was created in September 2000 on the initiative of engineer Cécile Ndjebet, an agronomist by training. She coordinates the structure with the support of a team of 17 qualified employees. Over the years, Cam-Eco has become an important player in the implementation of community projects aimed at improving the living conditions of local populations. Its goal is to help communities to combat poverty through sustainable management of the environment.

Maxime Laliberté
WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Cameroon

The mission head, Maxime Laliberté, travelled to Campo, in southern Cameroon, to increase the region’s tourism visibility, with a view to ultimately allowing its partner, the WWF, to present the park’s eco-tourism potential to the general public and, at the same time, to increase the number of visitors to the national park.

Their partner also wishes to encourage responsible tourism that not only improves the people’s quality of life, but also preserves the natural and cultural resources in targeted areas. In Cameroon, a large part of the population lives in rural areas and therefore indirectly depends on nature. The challenge facing the team involved presenting ecotourism as a sustainable solution for economic and social development focused on the preservation of natural resources.