Become a Partner Organization

Definitions :

Partner International Cooperation Organization (OCI): An international cooperation organization (OCI) that has an agreement with RPSF through which it has committed to identifying local organizations that can benefit from a mandate from the RPSF matching program.

Local Organization: An organization whose activities benefit vulnerable populations in developing countries. This organization is located in the respective country and is identified by a partnering OCI. Note that a local organization can be a local institution such as a municipality.

Why Seek the Support of an Expert Volunteer?

  1. Collaborate pro bono with a professional partner.
  2. Receive support in achieving your goals.
  3. Cultivate new tools and approaches to improve organizational effectiveness.

How Does the Process Work for a Local Organization?

  1. A local organization, identified by a partnering OCI, submits a matching request.
  2. RPSF analyzes the need.
  3. The local organization, the expert member, and RPSF develop a work plan.
  4. The local organization, the expert member, and RPSF sign a matching agreement, including the work plan.
  5. The local organization and the expert member collaborate for 3 to 6 months* while RPSF provides support and evaluation.

If you are a local organization in a developing country, PRWB can support you. To do so, however, you must be recommended by one of PRWB’s partner international cooperation organizations.

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