Projects – 2020

Center for Information, Advice and Documentation on AIDS and Tuberculosis (CICDoc)

From April to July 2020, our two experts accompanied representatives of CICDoc, an organization that coordinates more than 230 associations working for health in Burkina Faso. The CICDoc had to align its interventions with the government’s national response plan against Covid-19. The purpose of the mandate was to support the CICDoc to identify some priority actions of the response plan and to formulate a unique and strong message that the CICDoc could communicate to associations in order to raise awareness among the populations, while increasing its visibility. The team has developed visual tools to explain the measures against COVID-19 to the populations, an advocacy presenting the prevention measures, a guide to evaluate communication activities, a press release as well as other materials for publication on the social networks of the Canadian Embassy in Burkina Faso to promote the PRWB-CICDoc partnership in action.

Accountability Lab Mali (ALM)

From May to July 2020, our two experts accompanied representatives of Accountability Lab Mali, an organization that is part of a network of NGOs in Africa and Asia, and which receives US funding. ALM supports good governance by fostering active citizens, responsible leaders and responsible institutions. The purpose of the mandate was to develop the overall communication strategy and to develop the bases of a communication plan aimed at raising awareness among the populations, in particular in the city of Mopti. PRWB acts as an advisor to revise the plan and support the NGO in its efforts, including advice for the production of a weekly COVID-19 news bulletin.

Action Cœur et Poumon (ACP)

From March to June 2020, our experts accompanied the representatives of Action Cœur et Poumon, an organization founded by a pulmonologist and a cardiologist a few years ago to raise awareness of the population about the various diseases that can affect communities. During the pandemic, ACP received a mandate from the government to include protection against Covid-19 in its outreach efforts. The aim of the mandate was to strengthen the capacities of ACP by preparing a communication plan and coaching for its deployment, using a WhatsApp platform, among others. The support of the Quebec Government Office in Abidjan and of PRWB was crucial in this process. The collaboration enabled ACP representatives to identify a local communication resource from the University of Abidjan with whom they could dialogue for the deployment of the campaign. The challenge taken up by ACP: an awareness campaign reaching a large number of people in a short period of time.

National Institute for Public Hygiene (NIPH)

From April to July 2020, our experts accompanied the representatives of NIPH, a national public establishment of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of Ivory Coast, responsible for prevention and control of communicable diseases, a key player in the Ivorian government’s response strategy against COVID-19. The Institute must support 13 communes of Abidjan to raise awareness among the population. The purpose of the mandate was to strengthen the capacities of the communications officer in terms of the support he must offer to the communes, in particular the capacity building of the community leaders. Among the topics discussed during the NIPH ​​sessions, communication techniques during health crisis and the application of preventive measures including hand washing, focusing on key messages. The big challenge of this training was to bring about real change and to be able to observe the results. PRWB particularly supported the communications officer to create domino effects and improve the use of social media to broaden message outreach. The support of the Quebec Government Office in Abidjan was essential throughout this initiative.


In September 2020, our experts developed and delivered an online training in media relations for Equitas’ partners in Senegal (La Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme) and in Burkina Faso (Mouvement Burkinabè des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples) as part of a project funded by the International Organization of the Francophonie, which complements the project Promoting equality through human rights education from Equitas. The purpose of the mandate was to build the capacity of participants to be able to develop radio spots by identifying key messages to share, the best way to communicate them as well as negotiating agreements for broadcast. It was with a very participatory approach including a mock interview and stimulating exercises like preparing a 30 second radio message that this online training was delivered, which was greatly appreciated by all.