Become an Expert Volunteer

For individuals wishing to engage as expert volunteers, it involves providing their expertise, sharing knowledge, and contributing their skills. These volunteers seek to apply specific skills and professional experience within the scope of their volunteer commitment.

Why should you volunteer your expertise?

By sharing your expertise while guiding, coaching, supporting, and advising an organization, you can enhance your own well-being. Exploring new and rewarding experiences in an unfamiliar environment is a source of stimulating enrichment. Facing new challenges provides an opportunity to understand our own limits and surpass them.

To Become an Expert Volunteer


  1. Read the Code of Ethics.
  2. Complete the form to become an expert volunteer and accept legal consents.
  3. Attach a curriculum vitae directly to the form.

Before matching, you must undergo training provided by RPSF.


The matching and support process involves pairing an expert volunteer (individual or team)* with a mandate and ensuring its completion by them.

*The difference between an individual expert volunteer and a team expert volunteer is that the individual expert volunteer is a communications professional identified by RPSF to carry out the mandate, while the team expert volunteer is a group of communications professionals identified by RPSF to carry out the mandate.

To become a expert member:

To become a corporate member:


Throughout the mandate, RPSF will support the organization’s representatives and the expert volunteer, remaining available to answer any questions or address problematic situations.

  1. The parties carry out the support project.
    1. If necessary, the coordinator acts as a resource person.
  2. Based on the identified timeline, the coordinator schedules a follow-up meeting with each party. They refer to the standard agenda during the virtual meeting, which lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
    1. If necessary, the coordinator schedules a second meeting and follows up on requests via email.

At the end of the mandate, the service coordination sends a final evaluation to the expert volunteer and the organization’s manager to:

Ensure the quality of support provided by RPSF
Measure the satisfaction level of participants
Improve the process, if necessary

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