PRWB at a glance

Recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization, PRWB has been active in the province of Quebec since 2009 and is an emerging presence in other Canadian cities and abroad.

Our mission

Many populations around the world are struggling with situations that impede their social and economic development. PRWB firmly believes that public relations can make a lasting contribution to the sustainable improvement of living conditions in these countries and help these populations take charge of their development with dignity.

Many public relations professionals and students, inspired by this call for solidarity, have come forward to use their abilities to serve populations that currently do not have access to this field of expertise.

This is what motivated the founding of PRWB and its mission:
Public Relations Without Borders helps its partner organizations that work with populations facing development challenges by reinforcing their ability to use public relations to leverage social and economic progress.

PRWB carries out international projets, mostly in developing countries, in cooperation with our partners that include NGOs, non-profits and public authorities. We offer volunteer services —training, counselling, coaching—to build capacity in effective, strategic communications planning and implementation, so that these parties can achieve their objectives and optimize their results, for the direct benefit of the populations they serve.

Our vision

We would like our project partners and their local partners in the countries where we work to recognize the added value of using public relations to leverage social and economic progress in these countries, which are grappling with development challenges.

PWRB relies on the principles of communication for development (C4D) to increase the impact of its projects.

Our values

PRWB’s volunteers rally around the ideals of solidarity, integrity and professionalism.

Overall objectives

1. To use public relations and communications to contribute to improving living conditions, education and sustainable social and economic development in the communities where PRWB carries out its projects.

2. To promote the recognition of public relations as a strategic management function, that contributes to the achievement of social and economic objectives and, ultimately, to a more democratic way of life.

3. To serve as a hub for public relations professionals and students who wish to devote themselves to humanitarian causes.

« Public relations is the strategic management of relationships between an organization
and its diverse publics, through the use of communication, to achieve mutual understanding,
realize organizational goals, and serve the public interest. »

Flynn, Gregory and Valin, Canadian Public Relations Society, 2008