Louis Moubarak

Louis Moubarak, APR

A values-based executive with a practical, “make-things-happen” approach, Moubarak always brings vision, experience and a passionate commitment to his challenging mandates. A calm, determined focus on priorities and results, combined with sound judgment and superior interpersonal skills, enables him to meet his objectives and those of the organizations he serves.

An 20-year veteran of the public affairs and management fields, Moubarak’s work prior to CWY allowed him to acquire knowledge and experience in international cooperation and program development, as well as valuable experience working with the Canadian government apparatus, funding agencies and political community – relationships and experiences which he has successfully leveraged at Canada World Youth.

His strategic thinking and overall abilities were recognized by his Quebec public relations peers with an Award of Excellence for “Best Social Campaign of the Year” (2005) – for an international campaign organized to garner public and political capital in the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide. Multiple, positive media coverage paved the way for stakeholders to raise funds and vital support for the construction of a centre for genocide victims. The trilingual Moubarak also shared his expertise in international media campaigns with the United Nations (New York) and the International Federation for Human Rights (Paris), and he traveled to Morocco, Lebanon and Romania as a speaker and media trainer.

In addition to Moubarak’s business development and financial management acumen, he is recognized for his superior relationship-building and mediation skills. An inspirational, hands-on team player with a participatory management style, Moubarak seizes every opportunity to develop synergy and empower his collaborators.

Moubarak has served on the boards of different associations, and is a founding member of Culture Montreal and Francophonie Express.