Yvan Cliche

Yvan Cliche, MSC, MBA
Strategic Advisor, Puclic & Governemental Affairs

Yvan Cliche has developed an expertise in communications and international affairs. In 1988, he becomes an internal communications specialist at Hydro-Quebec, and develops procedures for emergency communications. In 1992, he is spokesman and press officer, and manages multiple media events, especially in technology and international affairs, in Quebec and abroad. As part of his duties, he works at Électricité de France, in Paris.

In 1997, at Hydro-Quebec, he is named at the international affairs department: he manages international cooperation agreements, and then becomes manager of international projects at Hydro-Quebec International. In this endeavor, he develops and manages World Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) projects, in Asia and Africa.

In 2005, he returns to the communications field, as speechwriter and spokesperson for various issues. In 2007, he is hired at the External Relations Unit of the African Development Bank in Tunis, where he manages media relations and website content fur numerous projects and events, in Africa, in Europe and in North America.

He is the author of Initiation au développement international, Fleur de Lys (2006) and of several articles and comments in international affairs, mainly on the Arab world and Islam. He has been a guest of the U.S. State Department in international politics (2003) and received a medal of honor from the University de Montréal (2004).

Yvan Cliche has also served in a number of boards in the field of education and at the community level. He graduated with an M.A. in Political Science (Arab world) and holds an MBA in international marketing.