Morvan Le Borgne

Morvan Le Borgne, M.A.

Morvan Le Borgne has been working for the past 12 years with two flagships of the Quebec economy: Hydro -Québec (2001-2009) and Gaz Métro (2009-2013). He is highly recognized as a strong expert of the corporate identity and relationships between the organizations and their ecosystems.

Thanks to his mastery of public relations, philanthropy and sustainable development, Morvan Le Borgne guided these two organizations at both strategic and technical level. During these years, Morvan has been pursuing mutual understanding with the local community, environmental groups and the business community to build lasting relationships and the emergence of structural and innovative projects.

Mr. Le Borgne has also acted as vice president – public affairs and communications of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal between (2008-2009) and the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (2010). As a proven and engaging administrator of the Junior chamber of Commerce of Montreal between (2010 -2011), Mr. Le Borgne notably helped this organization to improve its strategic positioning and its external relations. Currently Mr. Le Borgne is an advisory member of la Ruelle de l’avenir, a pioneering social program against school dropout in order to promote success and school achievement.

In 2014, Mr. Le Borgne will continue his mission. He will be assigned as head of mission for Public Relations Without Borders (PRWB) in Tunisia where he will help The Tunisian Observatory for the independence of the judiciary (OTIM). He will also, at the invitation of the U.S. government, participate to the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) on renewable energies.

Morvan Le Borgne holds a master degree in public communication from Université Laval (1999) and a licence information & communication from l’Université catholique de l’Ouest (1995). He is active in Quebec since 2001 where his credibility is widely recognized.