Gabrielle Collu

Gabrielle Collu, PH. D.
Collu Communications

Gabrielle Collu is a public relations and communications specialist based in Montréal.

She holds a PhD from the Université de Montréal, where her scholastic merit was recognized by a Governor General of Canada Gold Medal. A prestigious Social Sciences and Humanities two-year Fellowship allowed her to complete postdoctoral studies at York University in Toronto.

Interested in ethics and governance issues, she has served, as board member of the Québec chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society, where she was treasurer, chair of the public affairs committee, and founding chair of the ethics committee. Gabrielle has also served as treasurer on the board of the International Secretariat for Water of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre. She currently sits on the board of the internationally renowned Festival TransAmériques.

Over the years, Gabrielle has given numerous conferences in Canada, the United States and India on public relations, ethics, and postcolonial literature, and lectured at all four Montréal universities. Today, she is an active member of the SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION group of researchers and specialists who focus on issues related to communication, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, as well as ethics in communications

In 2011, Gabrielle volunteered for Public Relations without Borders (PRWB), and undertook the organization’s first two missions to Burkina Faso, where she had previously lived and taught English as a second language. She also undertook a mission for PRWB in Benin in spring 2013.

Gabrielle speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.