Selection Criteria

Choosing partners and projects

PRWB contributes to the success of its partner organizations that work with populations facing development challenges. They can be charitable organizations recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency or other NGOs, non-profits or public authorities. We help these organizations and their field partners to use public relations and communications to leverage social and economic progress.

PRWB works with reputable partners, established and accepted in the field, who can propose worthwhile projects that meet our criteria. This form of collaboration minimizes potential risk to our young organization and ensures that PRWB’s efforts will have sustainable impact.

See the Projects section for details about the projects completed to date.

Selection criteria for projects

PRWB’s Project Committee identifies and proposes partnerships and projects to its board of directors, based on the following criteria.

Projects must:

  • respect PRWB’s mission, values and overall objectives
  • be endorsed by all parties involved or affected by the project
  • produce concrete, measurable and sustainable results, and meet the expectations of our donors and volunteers
  • consider the health and safety of its volunteer projects heads
  • meet the highest standards of ethics, integrity and fairness and respect the principles of sustainable development.

To propose a partnership or a project

Contact PRWB’s management at