Colette Schwartz

Colette Schwartz, MBA

Mme Colette Schwartz studied social sciences and holds an MBA. She has more than 35 years of communications experience, including 15 years with consulting firms, notably NATIONAL Public Relations. In addition to her commitment to Public Relations Without Borders, she chairs the board of Passages, a centre for young women facing difficulties.

A team player, Ms. Schwartz has long specialized in managing environmental issues and social acceptance. She has developed and executed communications programs for public and parapublic organizations and major Canadian and American companies. She works closely with municipalities and regional county municipalities as well as with environmental and socioeconomic groups. She supports her clients in their preparations for BAPE hearings and leads public meetings and focus groups in order to reach consensus and identify social acceptance elements in projects.

Ms. Schwartz has also designed and chaired communications workshops for the International Academy of the Environment-Geneva and the German International Development Agency. In addition, she took part as a speaker at a risk-communication seminar presented by the emergency measures office of the Communauté urbaine de Montréal.