The expertise and commitment of our volunteer mission heads enable PRWB to carry out successful international missions in collaboration with our partners. We offer them our heartfelt gratitude.


Christine Cantin

Pérou, octobre 2014


Yvan Cliche, M. Sc., MBA

Guinée, septembre 2015


Gabrielle Collu, Ph.D.

Burkina Faso, mars et novembre 2011,
Bénin, mai 2013


Luc Doray

Mozambique, mars 2014


Deanna Drendel, APR, FCPRS

Niger, septembre et novembre 2009


Joanne H. Fortin, APR, FCPRS

Sénégal, août 2015


Pierre Gince, APR

Tanzanie, décembre 2015


Taissa Hrycay

Tanzanie, Août 2014


Anita Jarjour

Burkina Faso, Juin 2013


Mathieu Larocque

Cameroun, mars 2014
Inde, juillet 2015


Patrice Lavoie

Niger, juin 2011 et septembre 2012


Morvan Le Borgne, M.A.

Tunisie, février 2014


Stacey Masson

Bolivie, septembre 2013


Gilles J. Morin

Niger, mars 2010
Haïti, mai 2013


Louis Moubarak, APR

Jordanie,février 2014


Leslie Quinton

Maroc, mars 2014


Isabelle Roy, MBA

Bolivie, octobre 2012


Colette Schwartz, MBA

Niger, novembre 2010 et novembre 2011
Guinée, septembre 2015
Sénégal, janvier 2016


François Taschereau

Honduras, janvier 2016


Guy Versailles, APR, FCPRS

Tunisie, mars 2013

Interested in leading a PRWB mission?

If you would like to lead a mission with PRWB and your application meets our selection criteria, please send your resumé to info@RPsansfrontieres.org or 514-843-2057.

Selection criteria

  • Active or retired public relations / communications practitioner
  • Professional accreditation, such as APR (Accredited in Public Relations) or ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) is an asset
  • Shares PRWB’s values
  • Skills and experience that meet project requirements
  • Appropriate language skills
  • Availability
  • Professional, reliable, good judgment, independent, team player, adaptable, active listener, open-minded, ethical, transparent
  • Experience working in other cultures is an asset.

Duration of missions

Whenever possible, PRWB strives to respect the fact that our field partners prefer to work with the same mission head for the duration of a project.

Depending on project needs and the mission head’s availability, a mission head can commit for an entire project (one year or more) or for a single trip (two or three weeks). One-time missions are usually devoted to training activities with partners in the field.


Mission heads receive no compensation—they work on a purely voluntary basis. All costs incurred by mission heads are covered by PRWB, thank to our generous donors. Mission heads are provided with a per diem according to recognized standards in the field of international cooperation. They submit an expense report at the end of the mission.

Mission agreement

PRWB signs an agreement with the mission head. The agreement stipulates the conditions for the mission and the roles and responsibilities of each party. A terms of reference document details various aspects of the project.


PRWB makes all of the mission head’s travel arrangements. The mission head is responsible for the required vaccinations and cooperates with PRWB to obtain a visa and insurance documents. PRWB lodges the mission head in clean, safe and well-located hotels recommended by our project partners.

Health and safety

PRWB takes the health and safety of its mission heads very seriously. We constantly monitor the situation on the ground in each country where we operate. We brief mission heads on health and safety issues pertaining to their mission and provide insurance coverage.

The security of our volunteers

The terrorist attacks that occurred early in 2016 have raised concerns over the security of international volunteers in some African countries that until now were considered safe. We took immediate action, together with our partners in Quebec and the countries affected, to tighten the instructions we give our mission heads to ensure that security is a top priority in all future missions.

Supervision and autonomy

PRWB provides the mission head with the necessary project documentation and a full briefing about the project prior to departure. Nonetheless, during the mission, PRWB expects the mission head to be able to act highly independently. It is not always realistic to consult PRWB during the mission, except for major decisions. In these cases, the mission heads are expected to exercise good judgment to move the project forward. For this reason, PRWB recruits experienced professionals to lead missions.

Other commitments

In addition to completing the mission, mission heads are expected to:

  • submit a concise mission report and an expense account in the month following their return
  • contribute postings to PRWB’s social media
  • document the mission with photos
  • be available to give talks or media interviews as members of PRWB’s Speakers Bureau.

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Montreal (Quebec)
+1 514 843.2057

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